Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Catch up!

I know...I know....it's been months since I have added a post. I've been so bad at it! So, this post is dedicated to playing catch up with everything. A lot has happened in the last four months. Mike got promoted AGAIN! I'm so proud of him. He now works in the legal dept. of Dollar Financial in Salt Lake City.  He really loves it there.  And he's great at what he does! He's starting to think seriously about becoming a police officer though.  His goal was to join the military. But because of his hand they won't accept him. We prayed and talked a lot about it and have decided that he would like to pursue a career in law enforcement.  He can't wait to get started!
Next is Hunter! He is growing up so fast. I can't believe that he will be 5 this year. He's dying to start Kindergarten. I haven't had the heart to tell him that it won't be this year. Because of his late birthday he doesn't make the cutoff here.  He's going to be heartbroken.  But he is learning so much in pre-school and will be the best in his class when he does start school! Hunter is such a good big brother. He follows Ryker around to make sure he's safe and doesn't get into anything dangerous.  I love watching the two of them interact.  He's so tolerant of Ryker when he takes his toys or stands in front of the TV when he's playing WII.
Ryker is almost 16 months now. He's a big ball of spunk! His favorite thing to do is wrestle with Daddy and Hunter. Whenever I try to wrestle with him he ends up just hugging me and running away.  I guess he thinks I'm too fragile!  He's walking everywhere now too! He's not a big talker.  Sometimes he will say MaMa or DaDa...and has started to say Ter...(for Hunter)  But he does sign a lot. Things like eat, down, all done, bath, thank you, play, and please.  Ryker will do ANYTHING that his big brother does.  It's adorable!
Here are some random pictures from the last couple months. 
 Ryk checking out what Santa brought him
 He was really into ripping the paper!
 My Mom, Dad, sister Amber and her hubby Joseph!
 Looks like an awesome sister in law got Ron Call Of Duty Black Ops!
 Heading out to go sledding
 Discovery Museum
 Aww....That's the life!
 LOVE that smile!
 Yup.....they are definitely brothers!
 Love him!
Aww Dad!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ryker's 1st Birthday!

Alright! My heart can't take this! Hunter turned 4 on Wed. And Ryker turned 1 today! This is happening too fast! I can't believe that it has already been a year since I had Ryk.  It totally seems like it was yesterday!  So, we had a little party with the family.  We had pizza (his fav) and I made him a chocolate cake.  Of course, he ate all of his cake! He opened a few gifts (or the cousins opened them! ) I think he had a fun night!


A few days ago my parents were in town visiting.  So we decided to all go up the canyon and take some pictures! It was actually a lot of fun.  The kids had fun running around. And we took pictures like crazy!

Hunter's 4th Birthday!

This last Wed. was Hunter's 4th birthday.  He was SO excited! He had been counting down since July!  He had been begging for a birthday party with all of his friends, and I finally gave in.  We decided to do a Halloween/Costume Party.  Of course....Hunter was Luigi!
I don't know what happened to my baby? How did he get so big? Where did the time go? I guess he was bound to grow up sooner or later. I just wish it was later.  I'm so proud of what a smart, cute, and lovable little boy he's turned into. I LOVE YOU HUNTER DUDE!!!! Here's some pix from our little family party and his Halloween party. Enjoy!
 Opening up his presents. (ignore the ketchup on his face!)
 Auntie Holly with Ryker
 Thinking hard about his wish
 The Super Mario cake he BEGGED me for!

 Playing freeze dance at his party!
 Cousins and Best Friends!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Tonight Mike decided that he wanted to make Chocolate Chip Cookies.  And after borrowing some chocolate chips from some wonderful neighbors...(thanks Keri!) we had all the ingredients.  Mike has been wanting to cook and bake recently.  He even wants to make bread! I really hope he sticks with it! Nothing sexier than a man in an apron! Right ladies!? Anyways, Hunter LOVED the cookies. But Ryker couldn't get enough! He was making all sorts of "yummy" sounds while he ate them.  Now....Ryker looks just like my dad. Not just a little...but A LOT!! And you can ask anyone in my family and they would tell you that my dad eats chocolate chip cookies all the time. They are his favorite.  And these pictures I took of Ryker look just like my dad! Enjoy!
This is Hunter after eating the cookies!!!


So.....if you know me at all, then you know that I have a "little" OCD.  I like things clean and in their place.  Some people say that I'm a clean freak....I like to say that I'm tidy.  Either way.....there has been one spot in my house that I can't clean. And it's been driving me completely crazy! Everyday I walk by knowing how dusty it is! So....I decided to put my 3 year old to work! Mike hoisted him up and gave him a broom.  He ended up finding 4 balls, 6 darts, and a puzzle piece. (don't ask me how that got up there!) Anyways, I am total happy that it's finally clean up there.  And Hunter had a total blast doing it.  He didn't want to come down.  I'm one happy mom!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vegas Baby!!!

So, I'm sure most of you already knew that I took a little trip to Vegas with my sister and mom. And all I have to say is this, "IT WAS AWESOME!!" I mean....don't get me wrong. We totally missed our kids! But it was so nice to lay by the pool and close our eyes. We didn't have to count heads to make sure all the kids were still around. We didn't have to change diapers or make sure we were back at the hotel for bed time. It was so nice to walk around the outlets without a stroller and diaper bags.  I had SO much fun with them!  I was kinda curious about how my mom would handle Holly and I. We tend to laugh about EVERYTHING! But she's just as weird as we are! Love you Mom!!
Anyways, here are some pictures and one hilarious video from the trip!
Holly and I drove to meet my mom in Vegas. When we left Utah it was about 95 outside. On the way we ran into a HUGE storm.  The rain was SO loud that we could hardly hear each other! We were the only ones with enough guts to keep driving. Everyone else pulled over to wait it out. It was SO funny! I know the video is bad. I have a crappy cell phone. Sorry!
We went and saw my sweet grandma Dolly in her "old people" home. She's so cute! We miss having her in Utah.