Sunday, September 12, 2010


Tonight Mike decided that he wanted to make Chocolate Chip Cookies.  And after borrowing some chocolate chips from some wonderful neighbors...(thanks Keri!) we had all the ingredients.  Mike has been wanting to cook and bake recently.  He even wants to make bread! I really hope he sticks with it! Nothing sexier than a man in an apron! Right ladies!? Anyways, Hunter LOVED the cookies. But Ryker couldn't get enough! He was making all sorts of "yummy" sounds while he ate them.  Now....Ryker looks just like my dad. Not just a little...but A LOT!! And you can ask anyone in my family and they would tell you that my dad eats chocolate chip cookies all the time. They are his favorite.  And these pictures I took of Ryker look just like my dad! Enjoy!
This is Hunter after eating the cookies!!!


Keri said...

They were yummy cookies. Thanks. You can borrow my chips anytime.

becky said...

So fun. And who wouldn't love some warm chocolate chip cookies.