Monday, October 18, 2010

Hunter's 4th Birthday!

This last Wed. was Hunter's 4th birthday.  He was SO excited! He had been counting down since July!  He had been begging for a birthday party with all of his friends, and I finally gave in.  We decided to do a Halloween/Costume Party.  Of course....Hunter was Luigi!
I don't know what happened to my baby? How did he get so big? Where did the time go? I guess he was bound to grow up sooner or later. I just wish it was later.  I'm so proud of what a smart, cute, and lovable little boy he's turned into. I LOVE YOU HUNTER DUDE!!!! Here's some pix from our little family party and his Halloween party. Enjoy!
 Opening up his presents. (ignore the ketchup on his face!)
 Auntie Holly with Ryker
 Thinking hard about his wish
 The Super Mario cake he BEGGED me for!

 Playing freeze dance at his party!
 Cousins and Best Friends!

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