Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vegas Baby!!!

So, I'm sure most of you already knew that I took a little trip to Vegas with my sister and mom. And all I have to say is this, "IT WAS AWESOME!!" I mean....don't get me wrong. We totally missed our kids! But it was so nice to lay by the pool and close our eyes. We didn't have to count heads to make sure all the kids were still around. We didn't have to change diapers or make sure we were back at the hotel for bed time. It was so nice to walk around the outlets without a stroller and diaper bags.  I had SO much fun with them!  I was kinda curious about how my mom would handle Holly and I. We tend to laugh about EVERYTHING! But she's just as weird as we are! Love you Mom!!
Anyways, here are some pictures and one hilarious video from the trip!
Holly and I drove to meet my mom in Vegas. When we left Utah it was about 95 outside. On the way we ran into a HUGE storm.  The rain was SO loud that we could hardly hear each other! We were the only ones with enough guts to keep driving. Everyone else pulled over to wait it out. It was SO funny! I know the video is bad. I have a crappy cell phone. Sorry!
We went and saw my sweet grandma Dolly in her "old people" home. She's so cute! We miss having her in Utah.

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