Sunday, September 12, 2010


So.....if you know me at all, then you know that I have a "little" OCD.  I like things clean and in their place.  Some people say that I'm a clean freak....I like to say that I'm tidy.  Either way.....there has been one spot in my house that I can't clean. And it's been driving me completely crazy! Everyday I walk by knowing how dusty it is! So....I decided to put my 3 year old to work! Mike hoisted him up and gave him a broom.  He ended up finding 4 balls, 6 darts, and a puzzle piece. (don't ask me how that got up there!) Anyways, I am total happy that it's finally clean up there.  And Hunter had a total blast doing it.  He didn't want to come down.  I'm one happy mom!


Keri said...

that rocks! Look likes Hunter had a blast.

becky said...

We had one of those shelves in our last place and it was always gross. I would climb up there to clean but anytime anyone got allergies I thought no wonder with all that grossness. I am with you.