Thursday, October 30, 2008

National Guard

So, some of you don't know my brother-in-law. His name is Ron. (we call him Chip)
He's been living in Utah with us for almost a year now. Hunter LOVES having his Uncle Chippy around to play with! But yesterday Ron made a HUGE life decision. He joined the National Guard. My dad and I went to the base to see him sworn in. He leaves for boot camp and training Jan. 4th, and will be gone for 6 months! And by the end of next year he will be heading to Iraq. What are we going to do without him?! Mike and I are so proud of him! But our little family is really going to miss him.

He literally swore his life away!!! You gotta admit...He's got guts!!!


becky said...

I didn't even know you had someone living with you. It shows how bad of a neighbor I am.

Keri said...

Go Chip! Just don't teach Xander how to fight. He already thinks army men are cool.