Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baby Scottie

Today my mom and dad flew in from Southern Cali. We were so excited to have them visit again! We decided that we would go to Orem to visit my nephews grave. It's been awhile since we have been there. So, Holly and her two girls, my parents, and Hunter and I went and decorated his little headstone for Halloween. Scottie would have been two. He's the same age as my little Hunter. We miss him so much...but we know that he is happy in Heaven. Here are some pictures from the cemetary.

The kids eventually let go of the balloons so that Baby Scottie can play with them in Heaven. (How cute huh?!)

PaPa Craig playing in the leaves with Mikayla, Hunter, and little Aubrey! What an AWESOME grandpa!

Baby Scottie's headstone. Hopefully you can see his little picture in the corner. He was such a cute boy.


becky said...

That is so sweet to be able to make it into a positive experience. We are definately blessed to know that those little ones are so special to only need to be on earth for a short time.

The Reimers Family said...

That's such a neat way to remember him.