Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Joys of Being a Mother...

Okay...this blog is going to be kinda gross...but I have to tell the story....

I like to think that I'm a good mom for Hunter. But today was REALLY difficult. Hunter woke up with the stomach flu! My poor little baby! He started off the day by throwing up ALL over my kitchen floor. Then he decided that he was feeling much better and wanted to eat breakfast.
So, after waiting awhile I let him have a couple crackers and some milk. I watched him VERY closely for about and hour or so. He was doing fine! So, I just figured that maybe it was a fluke thing and he didn't have the flu.
So, my parents and I decided to head to South Jordan to run a few errands. Hunter was doing fine until we pulled into the first parking lot. He threw up EVERYWHERE!! My dad quickly pulled over and I hopped out of the car. By the time I ran over to Hunter's door he was done. I was covered, he was covered, and his car seat was covered in throw up. I looked at my mom and said, "What do I do now?!" She just laughed and said. "We clean up and head home". Easy for her to say.....she was dry!
So, with my parents help....I cleaned up Hunter and the car. But his car seat was SO bad! So, we decided to leave it in the trunk. Hunter sat on my lap the whole way home. I was so scared!! I hated that he couldn't be buckled in his car seat. But my dad said a prayer before we left the parking lot. So, I knew that we would be okay.
We finally made it home....but Hunter is still feeling pretty yucky. Mike came home and was finally able to put him to sleep. My poor little man....hopefully this is only a 24 hour thing!
Today I was really tested in the motherhood department. I stuck by my little man even though I wanted to run in the other direction!
Thanks Mom....for all the times you took care of me and cleaned up my throw up....I had no idea how hard that was. I Love You Mom!!!


becky said...

Just so you know it is really hard to get that throw up smell out and I tried everything. We even steam cleaned the car but the candles Kari sells has a car deoderizer that really worked for me. I think it is clean breeze. After months of smelling like throw up I finally opened my car to the smell of Tide. Sorry you had such a crappy day. Sick kids are no fun. Is he feeling better?

chris woodbury said...

Just wait until you get covered in gallons of diarrhea!! It's amazing the amount of liquid that can come out of such little people!!

The Reimers Family said...

I bet you never thought you would be doing that 10 years ago! You are a great mom!