Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let It Snow!!

Well, we finally got some real snow in Eagle Mountain. And of course...Mike and Hunter were very excited! This summer Mike had been given a snowmobile. It didn't run at first but it didn't take Mike long to fix it up. So, first thing Sat. morning....the boys were up and dressed for the snow. I thought they were crazy! It was FREEZING! But they rode all around the neighborhood and into the hills for about an hour. Mike would have stayed out longer....but Hunter was too cold and wanted to come in and play WII. (His favorite!) I love my boys! They are so alike. Hunter will try anything that his dad tells him too. I've really got my hands full with those two. I can't even begin to imagine what it will be like when Ryker is old enough to join them! Wish me luck...I'm gonna need it with this house full of boys!


Holly Mount said...

Hunter looks SO cute all bundled up. Mike--next snowfall--I'm heading out there to try out the snowmobile, K? I'll get Dani on it too :)

Keri said...

Super fun! Our kids made a snowman. Gotta love winter activities.