Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Hunter!!

Alright....I still can't believe that Hunter is 3!!! What happened to that sweet little baby of mine? All of a sudden he doesn't need his mommy anymore! I guess I should be happy that he is so independent. But couldn't he have done it a slower?
So, all Hunter really wanted for his birthday was a big boy bike. And of course....we didn't want to let him down. He LOVES his bike! He even says Good night to it before bed! He's been out on it everyday....and has mastered it already. Here are some pictures from his little family party. Enjoy! Oh....and there are also 2 new blogs under the keep scrolling!
Hunter HATES to be the center of attention! So, it was hard to get any good pictures.
This was the only toy I could get him to show the camera. He's my little bashful boy!
And of course.....THE BIKE! It was raining outside...but we bundled him up and let him ride outside!
Daddy spent time making him a little race car cake....Cute huh?!
And this is Hunter's favorite part of turning 3.... The Cake!!! Yummy!

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