Saturday, July 31, 2010

California Girl At Heart

I recently took the boys to California for their Uncle Anthony's High School Graduation.  Mike couldn't get anytime off work....but we thought it was important to for me and the boys to go still.  We are so proud of Anthony! He's now headed into the Marines.  I'm gonna miss him. He's really like my little brother. Good Luck Farm!!  Anyways, this was the first time that Mike's family had seen Ryker.  And of course he stole all of their hearts!  He just adored his Grandma Charlotte and Papa John.  They were so sweet with him. I didn't seem to have my camera at all the right moments...but trust me....they were cute! 
After we visited with Mike's family for about a week, we headed over to parents house to spend some time. It made me realize I MISS HOME! I'm definitely a California Girl.  We went to the beach, downtown Disney, and got to see lots of friends.  Hunter still asks me, "When are we going back to Chino?" Hopefully soon!
 Cousin Savannah and Hunter. They both LOVE bacon!

Mike's Mom (Grandma Terri) playing with Hunter.

Aunt Tara, Grandpa John, and Hunter hanging out at the beach!

Cutest picture ever! Uncle Anthony playing with Hunter at the beach.

Class of 2010!!!
I took the boys to visit a close friend/family member. She passed away when Hunter was only a few months old. I really wish my boys could have known her. Anyways, I actually got a smile from both them! 

My Mom and Dad!!! Cute huh?!

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