Sunday, March 21, 2010


About 2 weeks ago I was able to take the boys down to California to visit my parents and attend my BF's baby shower.  Unfortunetly, Mike wasn't able to go.  He had to work and make the money!  I was a little nervous to fly with the boys by myself, but they did really well.  Gotta love JetBlue and their satellite TV!  Anyways, it was wonderful to be in the nice warm and sunny weather.  Not to mention how fun it was to see my sister and her 4 kids.  They have gotten SO big! We didn't do too much in the week we were there.....but that's exactly how I wanted it.  We did a lot of visiting with friends and hanging out with GaGa and PaPa.  Hunter never once asked to go home and cried when we got on the plane to come back.  He still begs me to take him to the airport to go back to "GaGa's house".  I was really bad at taking pictures this trip.  I was having too much fun to remember to get my camera out.  I did take some pictures of my nieces and nephews.

This is my niece Alexandra.  She was a natural with Ryker.

My mom with her some of her grandkids.  They would only hold still for a "silly" picture.

Tanner and William

Miss Eysia posing for the camera.

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