Sunday, February 21, 2010


About 2 weeks ago Mike and I took Hunter bowling for the very first time. He has played it MANY times on WII. But he really had no idea that a place like a bowling alley really existed. He was SOOO excited. We had to wait almost 2 hours to play. But Hunter sat quietly and watched everyone else play. I was amazed!
When we finally got our lane Hunter was jumping around and looking for his "geen bowlen ball" (green bowling ball) We had so much fun. And Ryker just hung out in his car seat and watched us play for about 2 hours! is the embarrassing part...Hunter beat Mike and I!!! I couldn't believe it. I even took pictures of the score board. Here are some pictures of that night....

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Keri said...

Guess you guys better brush up on your WII skills.