Monday, January 4, 2010

Ryker's Blessing

On Dec. 27th Ryker received his blessing from his daddy. It was so beautiful. Mike was really nervous, but he did great! We waited a long time for Ryker to come to our family. I was told that I couldn't ever have children. But 2 years, 1 surgery, and 1 miscarriage later...Ryker is finally here! He is such a sweet and mild tempered baby. He only cries if he needs something and can calm himself easily. We love him so much and can't picture our family without him. Here are some pictures from that Sunday morning. Enjoy!
Hunter (The Proud Big Brother)

Grandma Cori and Papa Craig with the boys

Me and my Mom


krisha said...

Yeah for Mike I always feel for the dads who give blessings it must be a lot of pressure up there with everyone looking. The boys are beautiful!

Keri said...

It was a wonderful blessing!!!