Friday, November 6, 2009


Halloween this year was super special. We added Ryker to our family.....and Mike and Hunter dressed up as Mario and Luigi. How cute are they!? Hunter actually picked out the costumes himself. His favorite game is Super Mario Bro. on the Nintendo 64. Luckily we were able to find the outfits pretty easily. Anyways, Ryker and I stayed home and passed out candy while the boys went trick or treating. Hunter was thrilled with all of his candy! He couldn't believe that all he had to do was walk up to these doors and ask for candy! He was in Heaven!


Our Family said...

They did look so cute together. And what a great idea for you to be alone with Ryker! I need to see that baby boy.

SisKeith said...

Your family is so darn cute! And, I laughed about the butt cream.

Keri said...

They did look rockin'. And so did the momma. You are such a cutie. Can't wait to play again.