Friday, November 7, 2008

Just Like Mommy!

Hunter did the cutest thing today! I found him cleaning the house! He would just walk around and spray Windex on anything and wipe it off. His favorite thing to clean was the glass table. He must have spent about 20 min on it! He really takes after his mom!
This video doesn't have sound...but it's still funny!


chris woodbury said...

That is the cutest thing ever. You will have to show hiim this video when he is older and refuses to clean anything. :)

The Reimers Family said...

That is awesome! You need to put that boy on dishes duty from now on!

becky said...

It is nice when they copy something good. I am rarely that lucky. :) So one of my friends has a glass coffee table and they got those window markers and their kids write all over it and then it all just wipes off. They have so much fun with it. I don't know if Hunter is too young but their kids were pretty young when they started.